Window Tinting

We provide professional window tinting and tint repair in the Fayetteville, NC area. We offer life time warranty tint to all vehicles make and models. We also provide glass tinting for commercial and residential purposes.

Tint Options

Measured by VLT or visual light transmission we offer 5, 15%, %20%, 30%, 35%, and 50% tint options.

Applying Tint

We apply industry grade tint that comes with a lifetime warranty on all installations. To begin applying tint we start by cleaning the windows themselves. From here, we use the window to measure and cut out the tint that will be put in its place. We then align the film with the window to make any last adjustments before applying. Once in place we ensure that the tint is well bonded we remove any bubbles that may show up. When the application of the tint is done it is important leave the windows up for 48 hours and allows the tint adhesive to properly attach itself to the window.

Tint removal and repair

Less experienced companies may apply tint that malfunctions leading to added cost, security concerns, and general unattractiveness that were all trying to be avoided when having the tint originally done. With years of experience we can quickly spot problems and execute removal and repairs on any window that may have been applied with a poor quality tint or a botched job all together.


Commercial and residential glass tinting

Glass tinting is an effective way for homes and businesses to create a more energy efficient environment. Traditional glass does not provide UV filter. Applying tint allows prevents glare, heat build-up and higher energy cost. With home and business glass tinting adds comfort,  security, and energy efficiency.


Benefits that come with Window Tinting


UV Protection

Block and reduce direct sunlight and harmful UV rays by up to 99%. This helps eliminate that  your exposure to prolonged UV rays that can be damaging to the skin.

Keeping Cool

With heat and UV blocked heat inside car cabins can be reduced by up to 60%. By significantly reducing the heat that is in the car drivers and passengers can ride more comfortably than before.

Better Privacy

Tinting windows provides privacy no matter where you are. By applying tint the contents of what is in your vehicle are kept to a low profile. This is a reassuring asset as it repels against excessive looks into your cabin and ensuring a level of privacy.

Protecting Upholstery

The heat and UV rays that come through without being filtered can cause damage to upholstery and create future problems. With the installation of tint materials such as leather and vinyl can be protected from drying out and cracking.

Legal Limit in North Carolina

North Carolina has a 35% visibility limit for front, rear and back windows. However,  we do offer tints of lower percentages that are available upon request.

Then End Result

Window tinting does more than provide an improved aesthetic appeal to any window or glass. It protects from the sun which in turn helps prevent harmful damage to skin and upholstery. It also becomes a great tool to create a privacy and energy efficiency for car cabins, homes, and businesses.  Give us a call and get your windows tinted today.