Interior Detail

Interior Car Detailing

Interior detailing is one of the most important ways of taking care of a car. It involves cleaning and polishing each and every part of the car’s cabin by use of professional equipment and workmanship. We remove stains and odors and provide protection to the dash board and leather seats. A showroom interior finish starts from the top down and is cleaned thoroughly to leave every nook and cranny of the cabin clean. To achieve a well detailed interior our process is as follows:



An often overlooked area of the inside, the headliner can contain streaks or marks that may have been caused by hands, hair, and other objects. It is also a high absorbing area in holding odors. Cleaning the headliner clears it of these marks and odors and frees the area of that may be lingering overhead.


Dashboard Detail/Center Console


The dash board and console is a common ground for dust and grime buildup. It includes the steering wheel, vents, cup holder and instrument cluster. Once cleaned, it is then protected through application of a coating to keep spills from destroying the surface. This coating or dressing also acts as a moisturizer that prevents harmful UV rays that can cause the dash to dry out and crack along the surface.


Essential to having a clean vehicle, vacuuming clears the cabin of any foreign inhabitants. By clearing the car of unnecessary build up in dirt, sand, food, and trash. Vacuuming is necessary for a keeping a car clean and laying down the prep work for carpets and seats to be shampooed.


Carpet/Seat Shampoo

Shampooing relives the carpet and seats of any soil, dirt, and other pollutants that may be engrained in the material. With the use of upholstery cleaner and a brush shampooing removes elements that are both visible and not. While it removes stains, spills, and odors Shampooing also ensures the removal of unseen elements such as mites, bacteria and germs. Targeting problems at the source shampooing vehicle upholstery is the telltale sign of an interior detail.


Pet Hair Removal

To get out pet hair we make use of specialty brushes that pull out the embedded strands of hair.  Clunked up and untreated pet hair can ruin upholstery and leave tough to remove odors. Removing it restores better air quality and passenger friendly vehicle.

Leather Conditioning

Leather cleaning and conditioning provides protection rejuvenation to delicate leather interior. Conditioning prevents leather from wearing out and additionally guards from harmful UV rays that can dry out, crack and damage the finish. Treating your leather adds longevity and restores faded aging seats to their original appearance.



Vacuuming and shampooing the interior of your car should relive it of most smells at the source. In cases that an odor is still present we use odor eliminating agents in areas that hold the smell. These areas usually consist of the carpet, headliner, beneath seats, and the seats themselves depending on the material. Our odor eliminating agents will then encapsulate foul odors, disinfect any deodorize the cabin.


The End Result

Interior cleaning addresses dirt and odor build up that may damage the appeal of your vehicle. This can lead to potential cost in repair or a damaging resale value. Detailing the inside results in a vast amount of benefits for the lifespan of your cars upholstery.  It will be free of odors and soil that cause discomfort and potential damages.

  • Free of dirt
  • Removal of foul odors
  • Germ Free Cabin
  • Removal of smudges and marks
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Cleaning of grime buildup
  • Fabric guard treatment
  • Improved visibility through windows