Full Car Detail

Full Car Detailing


Car detailing is not the same as car washing, though both terms often get confused. Car detailing (also called auto detailing) is thorough restoration, cleaning, and finishing of an automobile, both in and out, so as to producing a show-quality level of details. It includes carrying out minor repairs to the automobile so as to improve its quality. Having said that, a full detail service is sure to cover all the required aspects of car detailing listed below.

To start with, paint care involves cleaning, protecting, and protecting the paint surface. This is by washing and drying the car so as to remove dirt and grime. Furthermore, bar application involves removing contaminants in the clear coat. In addition, the paint is polished to remove any swirl marks and fine scratches.

Second, chassis and wheels are cleaned with the rest of the exterior. It also includes inside the wheel wells an around major suspension components. Plastic splash guards and inner fender lines should be dressed with a plastic protectant.

Third, headlights, taillights, and exterior trim should be properly sealed. Moreover, plastics and rubber are properly cleaned. Vinyl and plastics are properly cleaned and dressed. In addition, any leather is conditioned and cleaned.
Fourth, interior detailing is done by cleaning all carpeting and seating surfaces. It is done by using a steam cleaner and shampooing. This is not limited to the passenger area but rather includes the truck area.

Fifth, the engine bay is lightly misted with water and cleaned with a suitable degreaser before it is rinsed clean. In addition, silicone, plastic, and rubber components are properly dressed to prevent them from cracking.
There are several pros that come along with receiving a full car detailing service.


To start with, it restores the quality of a car. Consequently, this is of benefit to the owner for it boosts one’s confidence and prestige.

Second, it drastically lowers the repairing costs of a car. This could include lubrication of hoses that prevent dry rot and sealing of paint to prevent the spread of oxidation.

Third, it increases the car resale value and makes it easier for an owner to attract a buyer faster. This automatically creates more appeal leading to more value provided to the buyer.

Fourth, it offers several benefits such as reducing germs and reducing allergies. When the upholstery is cleaned the vehicle inherits a pleasant aroma and visual appeal where spots and stains were once an eye sore.

This is Pit Crew Mobile Detail’s Full Car Detailing Service provided in the Fayetteville NC area. Call for any quotes or questions regarding your vehicle and our detail packages.