Car Detailing Services

Exterior Detailing

Exterior Detailing mainly focuses on the paint of the vehicle. Our exterior detailing corrects marks and scratches with a combination of compounds and waxes. Along with attention to paint, the door jambs are also cleaned of dirt and grime. This area is often left unnoticed and is usually the first region to be impacted by the negative effects of a prolonged dirty surface. Your vehicles engine, wheel wells and interior rims are also attended to in our exterior detailing package.


The main method that restores the appearance of your vehicle is done with a buff and polish. With the correct compound, buffing will fill in any scratches and scrapes while accessing a fresh layer of clear coat. With a good buff your vehicles original shine and luster restoring the appeal it once had.


Waxing will act as an extra layer of protection to the clear coat. It will defend against droppings, ultraviolet rays and from oxidation. It is the primary ingredient to maintaining fully optimized paint. With a regular wax you will retain the shiny clear coat, prevent dullness, offer protection and retain a higher car value for years to come.


Bring back the deep look to faded and dulled trim with our restoration gels. Our gels act as a conditioner for trim and keep it looking new. With the oil based gels you will be able to repel water and bring life back to vehicles that are heavily decorated with plastic and rubber trims.

Engine Detailing

A trip under the hood goes further than engine repair. Engine maintenance also includes removing the grit and grime that occurs naturally in and around the engine. Lubricate hoses and belts that help prevent dry rot and will additionally look great every time you check the oil. Doing so also helps your mechanic, a clean engine makes it easier to detect leaks and problems that may be present.

Interior Detailing

Seat and Carpet Shampooing

Stains and odors will naturally build up in your seats and carpet. With a full shampoo bad smells and stains are removed of all germs and bacteria. Our disinfectant process also applies to heavy build up areas such as the steering wheel, shifting housing and cup holders. With a full interior detail breathe new life to your vehicle with a clean look and pleasing fragrance.

Leather Conditioning

Conditioning leather is a must for maxing out the longevity and appearance of leather upholstery in vehicles. With high levels of heat and humidity leather is prone to crack and tear apart.. With our oil based conditioner, a thin barrier is formed and water is repelled. An added benefit to the looks as exposure to water can cause water stains. Treat your leather to  both provide protection and to give a refined luscious look that keeps it appeal.

Full Detail

Combine all the services we offer for vehicles and get a full detail. Both the interior and exterior is given an all-out effort to refurbish your cars appearance from front to back and inside out. With a full detail you will also receive the benefit of receiving a discounted rate for a mini detail within the next month of your full car detailing service.

Mini Detail

For the on the go car enthusiast the mini detail is ideal. It blends all the core services that keep your vehicle clean while providing the option to enhance its features. You have the choice of addressing the exterior with a wax or the interior with a rubber and plastic dressing. If further features are desired to be addressed then the option to do so is also available.